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Agave - Natural sweetener additive for food and beverages


Pure flavor enhancer in syrup, powder, Inulin.

The real pleasure with low sweetener index, less calories and ideal taste is found in pure agave flavor enhancers. Superior quality agave from Mexico, through a vertically integrated production facility. The product is natural, organic, NON-GMO, Kosher, Halal, Gluten Free, Vegan and FairTrade Certified.



Short description

IMAG Organics - Sweetener raw materials with Agave. In syrup, powder, Inulin.




GEA Solutions, in collaboration with IMAG Organics, brings the highest quality natural sweeteners and functional fibers directly from the fields of Mexico to the consumer's table.


Full range of sweeteners based on pure Agave

  • IMAG Agave Syrup: agave syrup is a natural sweetener from the Blue Weber Agave variety with a low Glycemic Index (17.1), an ideal substitute for sugar and honey.
  • IMAG crystallised agave syrup: raw, pure, natural alternative sugar in crystallised form made from 100% agave syrup.
  • IMAG Agave Inulin: Natural fibre obtained from Blue Weber Agave. It is highly soluble with a neutral taste. Agave Inulin is used to create food products with dietary fiber and prebiotic capacity.


The profile of IMAG Organics

IMAG was founded in 2005 by a cooperative of family farmers and cultivates and manages 8,000 hectares of organic land for the cultivation of organic agave.


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Discover the full range of IMAG Organics products based on Agave, here: (


Manufacturer information

Learn more, here: ( [for Agave in Syrup] καιΙnulin [for Agave in Inulin]).





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