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Edible Oil Control

The OleoTest® oil control tests are a reliable HACCP test in the kitchen, ideal for checking the quality of oily foods, for cooking oil and frying oil tests.


The OleoTest® oil control tests are a reliable HACCP 1   The OleoTest® oil control tests are a reliable HACCP 2   The OleoTest® oil control tests are a reliable HACCP 3





The OleoTest® is a reliable, fast and cheap method to control the food oils quality. These tests allow in a few minutes and in an extremely simple way, the reliable evaluation of food oils according to the presence and quantity of polar compounds (extremely harmful to the Human health). The reliability of this test is continuously confirmed through independent laboratories analyses. This test is regularly used by official entities (as many of the European Food Safety Agencies) in inspection actions, because they remain unchanged after use, which allows them to use it as legal evidence. The OleoTest® tests are an important complement in the systems of auto-control of the food branch companies (Obliged by law, according to Reg. CE 852/2004).
This package includes all the necessary materials for 25 tests.


Advantages & Benefits of OleoTest

  1. Easy to use. No technical skills needed.
  2. Immediate results. It takes only two minutes.
  3. It's safe to use around people and food. Specially made for kitchens and unskilled staff.
  4. Adequate as it measures the percentage of total polar compounds (what the law requires). It shows when it's hazardous for health (>24%)
  5. Economic. It doesn't need maintenance, repair or calibrations, and it allows to use the oil until the maximum
  6. Long validity period. It has a shelf life of 18 months after the date of manufacture, which is clearly labeled in all packages.
  7. Credible. The excellent correlation between the results obtained using OleoTest® and several other laboratory methods, including the official determination method for polar compounds (ISO 8420), is continuously verified in independents laboratories.


How OleoTest® works

For a proper usage you should place the tube in the anti-burn holder and pour the warm oil sample (at least 60 ºC) up to the line on the label present in the test tube. Shake the tube well (from 30 to 60 seconds) in order to produce a uniform mixture (the color changes when the oil is mixed with the reagent). Allow the mixture to settle for 2 minutes. Hold the tube vertically near a source of light and compare the obtained color to the color scale.

Please note that if the result is on level 5, the oil should be discarded, as it has passed over the legal/recommended limit for polar compounds.