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Tapioca - Food and Beverage Additive Raw Materials


Grain and gluten free with many benefits for the bakery industry.

Tapioca comes from the root of the cassava plant, which is mainly found in Brazil. It can be grown in low nutrient soil and harvested quickly. It is also very popular because of its culinary versatility.

One of its uses is in the preparation of tapioca, which is a starch extracted from the root of the cassava. Tapioca is an additive-free, preservative-free product made from 100% natural ingredients, an ideal food raw material for clean label.



Short description

Tapioca - Organic starch as a raw material for food and beverages.




It is a highly soluble product and releases energy almost instantaneously through the balanced distribution of simple and complex carbohydrate components.


Signs of excellence

  • Odourless product.


  • Clean appearance without colour.


  • 2 years shelf life.

The profile of IMAG Organics

IMAG was founded in 2005 by a cooperative of family farmers who, apart from agave, now also offers other products of superior quality, organically grown, suitable for vegan preparations, allergen free, non-GMO.


Manufacturer information

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