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Picture of Disinfection of premises

Disinfection of premises


80 Dutrion Disinfection Tablets (1g) - Chlorine Dioxide



Short description

80 Dutrion Disinfection Tablets (1g) - Chlorine Dioxide. Bactericidal / Iocidal for water (drinking / irrigation / industry)



The product is focused on drinking water, water for animal safety and health, agriculture, industries and biosafety solutions.

Approved by NSF (National Science Foundation).

Chlorine dioxide is a strong disinfectant solution with great capacity to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. The results are fast and acurate by 99,99999%. The product is not corrosive for any surface that it can be applied. Its action does not affected bywater pH or surfaces pH.


Product characterstics

  • Destroys biofilms keeping piping and irrigation network in a good condition.
  • Its action is based on its strong oxidative capacity
  • Easy and safe without harmful ingredients.
  • Very practical in tablets



See attached: (Ταμπλέτες-Απολύμανσης-Dutrion-Διοξείδιο-του-Χλωρίου-Πιστοποίηση-ΕΟΦ).





Technical characteristics

Filters Water, Food quality control
Filters Self-protection and disinfection
Filters HORECA
Technical characteristic 1 Easy and safe use without any harmful ingredients
Technical characteristic 2 Suitable for use in 4lt water. It is offered packed in an aluminum sachet in a jar of 80 pieces.
Technical characteristic 3 Suitable for use in 80lt water. It is offered packed in an aluminum sachet in a jar of 80 pieces.



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