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Stevia - Natural sweetener additive for food and beverages


Flavour enhancer for beverages, sweets, desserts.

Replacing sugar with the natural sweetener stevia. Pure taste enhancer with 200 times sweeter taste than sugar that contains no calories. Our stevia is grown from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, which grows on farms in Guatemala.



Short description

Natural sweetener additive for food and beverages. Ideal for the preparation of desserts, drinks and beverages.




Stevia can be used to replace sugar without sacrificing the taste. Stevia comes in liquid form, powder or the raw leaf itself.

The stevia we have is of superior quality suitable for preparations intended for a diabetic diet,suitable for dietary preparations, non-allergenic and 100% organic


Signs of excellence

  • It comes from vertically integrated production.
  • Superior quality.
  • Suitable for food and cosmetics, pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Available in many package solutions.


The profile of IMAG Organics

IMAG was founded in 2005 by a cooperative of family farmers and cultivates and manages 8,000 hectares of organic land for the cultivation of organic agave.


Manufacturer information

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