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Reference materials


Allergen reference materials are samples with a known quantity of a food allergen or allergens in them. They are used in method development and evaluation for the generation of calibrators, external and internal quality control solutions, recovery evaluation and cross-contamination assessment among others.

ProductDescriptionAmountAllergen content (ppm)
LGC - Hazelnut powder, 1G powder 1 g 258.600
LGC - Walnut powder, 1G powder 1 g 326.000
LGC - Egg white powder powder 1 g 843.000
LGC - Skimmed milk powder, 1G powder 1 g 344.000
LGC - Almond powder, 1G powder 1 g 212.400
LGC-Allergen kit Incurred and blank chocolate dessert 25 g per matrix 10,0


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