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Picture of Food and Feed

Food and Feed


chemical-physical  chemical-physical 
Milk and cream  Milk and cream 
Cheese  Cheese 
Other milk products  Other milk products 
Milk powder  Milk powder 
Fruit and vegetable products  Fruit and vegetable products 
Alcoholic beverages  Alcoholic beverages 
Non-alcoholic beverages  Non-alcoholic beverages 
Egg products  Egg products 
Declaration nutritional values  Declaration nutritional values 
Meat products  Meat products 
Fish and seafood   Fish and seafood 
Cereal / cereal products   Cereal / cereal products 
Infant formula   Infant formula 
Mineral oil in food stuff   Mineral oil in food stuff 
Other food matrices   Other food matrices 
Honey and beeswax   Honey and beeswax 
Animal feed   Animal feed 
Drinking water   Drinking water 
molecular biological-immunological   molecular biological-immunological 
Determination of animal species   Determination of animal species 
organoleptic   organoleptic 
Ranking test   Ranking test 
Triangle test   Triangle test 
Threshold value   Threshold value 
Descriptive testing   Descriptive testing 


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