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Path-Check Heat Bath

While ideal for bench use, the optional 12V adapter extends the usefulness of the Path-Chek® Bath in field use. Less than 4.3 inches wide, the Path-Chek® Heat Bath is truly the first personal incubator.


Path-Chek Cultura M Incubator

The Path-Chek Cultura M Incubator Incubator can be used to incubate Path-Chek broths, as well as Petri Disks, dip slides, slopes and broths.

The unit can be adjusted for incubation at any temperature between 25 and 45 ° C with a stability of +/- 1 ° C.

The Path-Chek Cultura M Incubator allows food producers to take control of Pathogen Detection in their hands, enabling them to incubate their own samples at the right temperature, thus reducing the time it takes to get results.


Thermocult Small-Size Incubator (230V, without Tray)

Incubation temperature set at 35 ° C +/- 2 ° C (adjustable), Suitable for 20 tests simultaneously. 8 Petri dishes or 6 culture bottles, Two separate control lights for power and heating system, Built-in thermometer, Tray for crops (optional), Heating elements for uniform heat distribution, Clear visual image, common cleaners and detergents can be used.


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