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Aloe Vera - Natural food and beverage additive


It gives value to your product.

Aloe Vera 100% organic grown on sustainable farms in Mexico. It is processed quickly near the growing fields to ensure that its ingredients maintain the highest quality possible. It is ideal for adding to beverages for hydration, in supplements for its antioxidant properties, in cosmetics for moisturizing action, and in pharmaceuticals for its vitamin-rich ingredients.



Short description

Natural food and beverage additive suitable for use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.




Our Aloe Vera is 100% organic, grown on sustainable farms in Mexico. And it is quickly processed near the cultivation fields to ensure its ingredients keep the highest quality possible.

It is suitable for addition to drinks for hydration, for addition to supplements due to its antioxidant properties, for use in cosmetics for moisturizing effect and pharmaceutical preparations due to the increased vitamin content.


Signs of excellence

  • It comes from vertically integrated production.
  • Superior quality.
  • Suitable for food and cosmetics, pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Available in many package solutions.


The profile of IMAG Organics

IMAG was founded in 2005 by a cooperative of family farmers and cultivates and manages 8,000 hectares of organic land for the cultivation of organic agave.


Manufacturer information

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